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Company History

The company was established in the late 1970s, as a typical local workshop specialising in “hand-decorated” ceramics. Over time, the business gradually developed and consolidated its expertise and knowledge in the field of ceramic decoration.

Thanks to a series of wise management choices over the years, combined with the dedication and professionalism of its employees, Menestrello has been able to confirm its status in the Sassuolo ceramic district, following a pathway to growth shared and supported by its dedicated clients.  

The 21st century has witnessed changes in the company’s traditional competitive approach, which has now adopted a global vision. Menestrello has therefore developed the various systems needed to confront the global market, enabling it to promote its creative skills outside Italy and to receive praise and recognition from clients in many different countries.   

Nowadays, Menestrello is a solidly based, well-known company, which promotes its technical expertise and fine Italian workmanship as its unique selling points. The experience accumulated over 40 years has ensured that we are a thoroughly reliable business: a company our clients can always be assured will provide them with excellent quality results.